Head creative advisor - strategic consultant

Dina Giordano started her creative consulting and Strategic advisor business as a result of her dedication to the creative industries and her vision for a powerful new economy built from independent thinking brands and entrepreneurs. 

Dina's business chops were developed early on as she grew up in her parents' design companies. She was encourage to learn and give input on projects. As she began working outside the family businesses she worked alongside sole proprietors. Again Dina was quickly given the responsibility to be involved with decision making and management roles.

In 2010, Dina started a marketing event company, SLAP culture. As result of the success of SLAP, Dina opened , The Village Culture Gallery that supported emerging and mid-career artists. The Pop-Up Art Gallery was housed In A historic photographer's studio in downtown Aspen, Co. While running both companies she encouraged a community of culture, STRATEGIC alliances, and an INTERDISCIPLINARY approach. She began representing and consulting with artists and private collectors. From here her consulting business grew and her clients diversified. 

With expertise, Dina exercises her ability to effectively communicate and work with creatives, entrepreneurs, CEO's and organizations by implementing a strategic and a dynamic approach to translate their visions into the professional process. Dina, pulls from her education in Architecture, from SCI-Arc in Los Angeles + Business Marketing, from FIT, New York. 

Dina has lead workshops, lectures, and has been a guest juror at prestigious institutions. She continues to lead think tanks and hold speaking engagements on "Architectural Thinking" and "Constructing Your Metier". 

Over 10 years of experience in the global creative industries. Her background includes a combination of creative direction, fashion, architecture, and arts management.  Working with clients and organizations that range from independent businesses to major organizations including Coachella Arts & Music Festival, Frieze (Art Fair), PS1 MOMA, Luxury Art Book, Macy's, Aspen Film, Aspen Fashion Week, and Plum TV.