“Until You’re Ready To Look Foolish, You’ll Never Have The Possibility Of Being Great.”

― Cher


To Take A Risk Is To First Make A Decision, Next Is To Take Action!

Risk Is The Ability To Let Yourself  Be Vulnerable.

To Embrace Discomfort, Anxiety, and Fear.
It Is Seeing The Potential Value And Weighing The Foreseen Benefits
With The Risk Of Not Doing Something.

 It Is The Willingness To Attempt To Create The Life You Have Imagined
And To Act On The Vision For What You Want To Create.
The Real Risk Is Not Accomplishing What You Are Capable Of. 

Taking A Page From Architecture And Architectural Thinking.
Imagine If An Architect Like Zaha Hadid Did Not Take The Risk and Study Architecture,
As An Iraqi Female, In London, In The 70’s. She Would Not Have Gone On To Be
The First Woman To Win A Pritzker Price Or To Have Designed Such Innovative, Influential Works!
Or If Mies Van Der Rohe Had Never Pushed The Possibilities Of Glass And Steel.
Or Said Yes To The Role Of The Bauhaus. 

If Architects Were Not Risk Takers  
We Would Not Have A World Of Inspiration That Touches Each And Every Ones Daily Lives. 


  • Entrepreneurs + Architects 

  • are comfortable with ambiguity

  • embrace change

  • are okay with making educated decisions 

  • leap with wisdom