“The agile way is more adapt to changes but shall not lose the sight of the big picture.”

Pearl Zhu, Digital Agility: The Rocky Road from Doing Agile to Being Agile

As we move forward and on to a new year

 let’s free ourselves from rigidity 

and embrace agility…in our business and in our lives

what does it mean to run an Agile business?

we create a structure to organize

short-term and long-term professional visions

we design business plans

yet, the plan is not fixed

it is the structure for our intentions 


outlines and make action goals

That are our guidance

because they are our agile blueprint


That Blueprint

should be revised, revisited, retooled-often

because every success creates new opportunities 

as well as every failure



Your ability to adapt and make changes rapidly will yield 70% higher success rate.