“I think therefore I am”

Rene Descartes

What are we spending our mental time thinking about?

can you trace the results you are getting by the thoughts your occupying your mind with?

    Practice makes perfect - if we practice our failures we will be perfect at creating them, if we doubt ourselves we will become perfectly indecisive and if we practice committing to ourselves we have a chance at being perfectly content. 

    A practice I have taken up is setting my mind at the start of the day. Its has profound effects on my productivity and the outcome of my day. 

There will always be thousands of distractions, things that set you off, experiences large and small to derail us.

Anything from bank account alerts, to client emails, or family phone calls, the dog barking, and awaiting that pending response.

All allowing our minds to go into default mode isn’t usually 

helpful to being at our best for our business!


When our mindset shifts to its default non-productive state

……in mediation they say “simply begin again”

Before sending that email or exploding on an employee or worse a client, before pricing your work (and devaluing your contribution).

Set your mind

….in yoga they say “the way you approach one thing is the way you approach everything”