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the agency:

Creating impactful marketing companies, photo shoots, productions, and site specific projects - requires todays top talent. From years of sourcing, advising, working with and vetting- designers, artists from multiple disciplines. I bring with me an extensive network of leading creative professionals. Through the agency we match the right talent with the specific project or client. The agency manages and oversee the process and progress. Balancing the delicate relationship between both the talent and the client to achieve successful results.  Delivering a high-touch design service that puts your vision into focus.  

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curating spaces: 

As a natural extension of  the agency and the creative consulting side of the business. We honorably recognize the power and influence of the human encounter with art, culture, design in the physical space. We program and curate spaces that are in transition or newly developed with progressive design minded experiences. Creating temporary and semi-temporary installations, pop-ups, and cultural events. Proving a unique connection to the space, an increased awareness of possibilities and usage, heightened interaction through forward thinking art, design and businesses. Proven success in generating attention - motivating tenants by curating and creatively directing events in Aspen's multi million dollar spaces along with gallery pop-ups. 

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For new brands looking to enter the market, one of the most critical tasks is defining the position you want to occupy. This includes desired consumer, price point and brand values. With Sasha, the challenge was to perfectly occupy the space between natural and luxury without alienating either consumer group. This was achieved through a combination of innovative packaging, sophisticated branding and strong photo direction.

the brand was created to encourage customers to quickly develop a positive attachment to a new entrant into the market. We needed to create a language that would quickly communicate the value of this new product and encourage them to adopt it as part of their regular routines.