Dina Giordano's, consulting services are motivated by systematic action. Utilizing “Architectural Thinking”, creative problem solving principles for leading business + projects. Motivated by the exchange of the creative industries, economic growth and contemporary culture. 



developing products for “visualizing business”.

initatives and programs that promote innovation, ECONOMIC devlopment through creative industries and art+ Design.



QUARTERLY Business CONSULTING, STRATEGY devlopment; This service is designed for established entrepreneurs, companies AND organizations.

We establish the overall health of the business from foundational elements to the creative STRATEGIES that allow for a sustainable company and compelling brand.

Includes; customized consulting services to best fit each client’s professional goals.



Dina Giordano is a compelling speaker and Leader of professional workshops. past speaking engagements+ salon Discussions; included; how to apply the proven principles of Architectural Thinking to business, collaboration, marketing, aesthetics and place, The art of business, etc..

workshops include; Construct Your Metier, Whole business practices, Professional practices for artists, to name a few…

Please contact to inquire about services and speaking ENGAGEMENTS.