The workshop is geared towards fine artists and photographers to create a professional foothold in the art industry. We will target the specific markets that your work will best be displayed and give you the guidance to navigate the logistics of selling your art work.



$225 per artist
Month-long 90-minute classes meet every Wednesday.
Held from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm.
Starting May 4th - May 25th, 2016
Limited to 10-12 spots
Non-refundable – Come prepared.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Artists who want to increase their exposure and grow their professional resume.

1.  Portfolio review – Requirement: current portfolio
2.  Developing a professional artist statement + bio
3.  Developing a professional artist resume
4.  Creating a focused body of work (a collection).
5.  How to select the right galleries and competitions
6.  How to advance through art business management
7.  Contracts and agreeme­nts
8.  Independent marketing and outreach

Participants will come away with the confidence and knowledge needed to pursue a career in the fine art world.